Welcome to a little piece of my life! I live just outside of Charleston, South Carolina with my husband (of 11 years!) and our 4 year old son and 20 month old daughter. We welcomed our son while living in Denver, Colorado. My husband was working long hours at a software company and I was working full time as a molecular geneticist. Once my son was born, I cut my hours down drastically (such a blessing that I had the opportunity to do this) but my husband was still working long hours and traveling for weeks at a time. On top of that, we were splitting our schedules so that our son only was away from us one day a week which while great for him meant that my husband and I felt like ships passing in the night.

We had always discussed other cities we would live in if we ever moved and Charleston had charmed it’s way into my heart before I even met my husband when I had the opportunity to participate in a marine biology internship in college. As life so happens, my husband was offered a job through one of the clients of the software company. It offered more regular working hours, excellent benefits for the entire family, and a much needed fresh start for our new family of three. Oh, and it happened to be in the Charleston metro area.

If I were to describe our life here in one word it would be blessed. Being so far away from family has been so hard and is complicated even further with COVID but watching my husband being able to watch our kids grow up, being able to stay home full time, and for us being able to spend time together as a family has been life changing.

Let’s be honest, there are days that I’m literally whimpering as I fold endless loads of laundry, cook 14 (okay 3) meals a day that end up on the floor that I just washed, and feel my brain turn to mush I challenge myself to feed everyone on our grocery budget…

Speaking of a budget, my husband’s job is awesome but still- living with a family on a single income is drastically different than having no kids and two incomes. We’ve always lived on the more minimal end of possessions but even more so since moving. Our goal is to maximize our kids exposure to life whether through travel, participation in extra-curricular activities, or exposing them to new food, music, etc. To maximize our budget for fun, we have attempted to minimize our budget in other areas of life.

Butttt, I still love clothes and fashion. And I’m 6’1″. So finding affordable clothes that can last a million washings isn’t always the easiest.

Join me on my fun (and probably sometimes really awkward) journey to discover and invest in fashionable minimal wardrobes for the family, our adventures with the kids, and whatever else comes up along the way.

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