Spring Capsule- Pants & Shorts

All you tall girls out there- I respect the hustle it takes to find pants that are long enough to fit your legs. When I was younger, I saved every penny I earned from babysitting so I could afford to buy Silver or Lucky brand jeans. Does anyone else remember these? Was it a Midwest trend? Minnesota trend? Regardless, after my mom and I spendt one too many years stretching every single pair of jeans as they came out of the washer I finally found those two brands that sold jeans by inseam (and went to 36″!).

J. Crew changed the length of their inseams a few years ago (I believe from a standard 34″ to 36″ before everything was slightly cropped) which was life changing in the world of jeans shopping for me. The only downside is that they are very rarely sold in stores so all must be bought online. I’ve had some luck with Gap and Banana Republic but I know that 90% of the time a 28 L will fit me perfectly at J. Crew so it’s my go-to.

Also, maybe it’s just me but Gap seams to change their rise with tall jeans (like the length between the waistband and the crotch area) and it is always way too long for me. I hate the feeling of sagging jeans so I’ve basically given up on Gap jeans for my body. Honestly, the rest of my body is very standard size except for my legs- which are long and more curvaceous than the rest of my body. AKA- I hold all of my body weight in my legs. And since my last pregnancy I also have cellulite right above my knees. So awesome. Especially when you live in the Deep South. Whatever, I love my kids more. Truthfully, its a big effort for me to get over the size/ width of my legs but I’m determined that my daughter will never see nor hear me obsess about their size. Therefore, I go to the gym and make my legs as strong as possible and realize that no one else judges your body as much as you do so get over it and, be confident, and wear the dang shorts when it’s 100 degrees and 95% humidity. ::End of the self talk that happens in my brain on the regular::

Before I went off on that tangent… I would love to try some Madewell jeans. Here’s my thing. I need the taller (they have petite, regular, tall, taller, and plus) size. They seem to sell out of sizes immediately. I’m on a budget. I need them to stick around long enough for me to buy a pair on sale. One more thing- I was about to purchase a pair from Abercrombie because #influenced. When I checked their inseams on their long jeans they were a full 2 inches shorter than J. Crew jeans. Hint- If you ever are trying a new brand I recommend checking the measurements of your favorite pair of jeans and comparing them to the size chart of whatever you’re buying to make sure you’re buying a comparable (size-wise) pair of jeans.

So both of those have been a pass for me. And my favorite pair of denim is now 4 years old. I did add a pair of black denim straight leg jeans this year. They are high rise with a button fly and I love them. They work so well with most of my tops and have enough stretch that they are extremely comfortable.

True confessions? All shorts and jeans aside, my most worn pairs of pants are my Athleta leggings and joggers. I received both as gifts for my birthday or Christmas (thanks Mom!) and they are in the wash twice a week. Maybe I should be embarrassed but I am not. These are definitely an investment compared to other brands but they stay up wonderfully and are the perfect length on my legs. I’ve heard great things about Aerie leggings but there an 1.5″ shorter than Athleta so… Also, I can honestly say that both pairs of my Athleta pants look brand new. Probably washed over 100 times on regular wash and regular dry cycles so if you’re looking to minimize the amount of clothing in your closet and these are items that you will wear often, I think they are worth the investment.

J. Crew Tall 9-inch High Rise Toothpick Jean in White

Do white jeans belong in a capsule? I debated whether to include them. I wore them for the first time last weekend and I had to remove the tags! I vaguely remember getting them for a steal last year but then COVID happened and the occasion for wearing white jeans passed. In the end, they made the cut because I think they add just a nice pop of brightness in the spring. With Easter coming up but cold temperatures still possible, its nice to have a pair of pants that look spring but keep you warm. Also, I got these in my regular size and sometimes I think that they look fine and sometimes I feel like a stuffed sausage. Some of this may have to do with my quarantine diet but if between sizes I would recommend sizing up!

J.Crew Vintage Straight Jean in Black

I keep a curated list of clothing items that I’m looking for so A) I can watch sales and find the best deal and B) I don’t buy items that I don’t need or don’t fit with the overall feel of my wardrobe and make it more difficult to mix and match. I finally snagged these jeans for 50% off after having them in my bag for 6 months! They fit like a dream and although I don’t feel like they look like it, they have a decent amount of stretch in them. Perfect for wearing for long days and as a mom, make it easy to bend down and play with kids without worrying about my pants falling down. The button fly is a cute detail that make them different from my other jeans.

Slim Boyfriend Jean in Ridgefield Wash

It took me a minute to love these jeans. Definitely size down from your regular size as they run big. Even in a size down, I feel like you still get the boyfriend feel but they stay on and don’t look sloppy. These have quickly become my new favorite. They don’t have much stretch but they are slimming on your body and are a change from skinny jeans.

J. Crew High Rise Denim Jean

True story, these jeans are almost 5 years old. I got them shortly after my son was born and they are the jeans I have reached for ever since. Perfect length, true to size, and every so slightly distressed. They are easy to dress up with a dressy pair of shoes or booties or dress down with sneakers or slip ons. I linked the closest pair that I could find that are currently available.

High Rise Denim Short with Exposed Fly

Y’all know how I feel about shorts. Don’t love them. Living in the Southeast they have become a basic survival necessity. These are cute, the button fly is a fun touch, and if I ever need to dress up I don’t wear shorts so the distressing detail adds a little something to the shorts. To the short’s credit, they are very comfy! I recommend sizing down, I actually usually size up in shorts because I hate them being tight around my thighs but these were a good fit all around.

Athleta Salutation Jogger and High Rise Elation Legging

These pants belong together because they are similar in feel and function and because I have no photo of myself in the joggers. Get yourself a pair. They can be casual pants, pajama pants, travel pants… My husband loves these joggers- every time I wear them he tells me to order another pair. They are that good.

The leggings are similarly. They are the Elation Highest Rise Leggings. They are made of the same super soft material as the joggers. They have slight compression which keeps everything looking smooth and nice but still super easy to breath in. I work out in these pants, pair them with longer shirts and slip-ons to run errands with the kids. Also, the hit me below the ankle so they are truly ‘long’ leggings.

Finally, I wear these pants 80% of the week. Since our schedule generally involves preschool drop off, proceeded directly by gym time, and then we’re home for the rest of the day- why wear jeans when you can wear comfy pants?

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