Favorite Spring & Summer Shoes

I feel like South Carolina is having a hard time adjusting to the warm weather. We’ll have close to summer like temperatures for a few days and we need the air conditioning blasting and then it will be back in the 50’s and we wake up to a cold house. I am used to this hot/cold temperature mix from Colorado but for some reason expect South Carolina to be a smoother transition. Also, I am not complaining because I am definitely not quite ready for the full on humidity but I keep putting the kids cold weather gear away only to pull it out a week later.

Carter is officially on spring break this week. As a preschooler you wouldn’t think that this affects our life much but it seems like the whole family is on break. The change in schedule is such a breath of fresh air and not having to plan activities around a 3 hour preschool window is so great. Don’t ask me how I’m going to survive when my kids are in school and sports and whatever else. Somedays getting Carter and Ella dressed to go to preschool seems to press the limits of my ability to be a mom. Seriously.

In this spring/summer transition, I reach for the same 4 pairs of shoes on a daily basis. After 2 years of my ankles and feet getting annihilated by bugs, I’m trying to be more aware of our activity before mindlessly grabbing my sandals. I am absolutely the person you want to be standing with whenever you are outside. I will attract every single bug. It may be my mom superpower. Anyways, thus the reason for the inclusion of the New Balance shoes and the suede slip-ons. And the fact that I’d love to be the person who gets regular pedicures but girl, that is not me. Yet. (Single income household, yo! And time.) Sooo, occasionally I reach for the closed toes to hide my toenails. True confessions.

I do occasionally reach for a pair of pointy toed flats or strappy sandals when dressing up for church. I’ll link similar options as the the pairs that I wear are easily 4-5 years olds. Like I said, I occasionally reach for them. (Budget pointy toe flats vs. splurge pointy toe flats and espadrille)

My other thoughts on my current shoe rotation- I replaced by slip-on shoes and Birkenstocks after tossing my last pair a year ago because the top of the shoe was separating from the bottom of the shoe of the former and wearing the soles of of my Birkentstocks. I love my capsule wardrobe but it’s important to me to maintain it with clothes and shoes that look nice. I personally feel less put together when my clothing and shoes look old and worn (and that’s not what they’re meant to look like).

Edited to note: Probably replaced them more like 2 years ago based on the fact that none of the shoes in the picture are available anymore. Look at me, not shopping for shoes. Yes, I will mention this to my husband.

I replaced the slip-ons with suede looking slip-ons. I love the look of the suede slip-ons for fall and winter but feel like they don’t transition quite as well to spring and summer. Once, these need to be replaced (hopefully not for another year or two), I will get a pair that works well in all seasons. However, I purchased them for $20 (Nordstrom Rack for the win) and they are super comfortable so I’m not upset by that at all. Also, I replaced my slip-on Birkenstocks with the ankle strap Birkenstocks. Honestly, the ankle strap is growing on me and I actually feel like they look a little bit nicer than regular slip on sandals. But, when having small children, the extra step of strapping on the sandals is sometimes annoying. I feel like I have a solid 2 years left on these sandals (have had them for 2 years already) so I’ll see how I feel then.

Finally, look ladies, I know I didn’t highlight any heels. There are currently 1 pair of heels in my entire closet as a throw back to the days when I had a job that required me to attend conferences and present things. I am 6’1″. I have no problem being tall. I am most likely taller than y’all even when you’re wearing heels. I’m taller than my husband in flats. Flats are more comfortable than heels. And I can chase better with lesser chance of injury. However, you wear those heels and rock them. I will be sitting over here only slightly jealous of your coordination.

Flip Flops (similar), Birkenstocks (similar), New Balance (similar), Slip-On Suede (similar)

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