Capsule Active Wear

Do you all have someone you secretly or not so secretly compete against at the gym? Mine happens to be, no lie, a mid-70’s year old man. We both prefer the same treadmill and I just pray I beat him there in the morning because that man walks a good hour before he leaves. Also, it’s best if I’m well into my workout before he arrives because last time we arrived at the same time, he had me engaged in conversation standing in front of the treadmill for 20 minutes before I could start my workout. Hilarious. But I have kids, yo. And they only last for so long in childcare before they’re over it. So funny. He’s also in active competition with me so it’s a running joke whenever we see each other.


Are y’all ready for the most basic active wear wardrobe of all time? Look no further- you’ve found it. I’m guessing half a decade ago I came across an article about someone who only wore black active wear. At the time, I was working my way into a more capsule style wardrobe but still thought of the idea as rather bland- especially since incorporating color in active wear was fun and and I could wear really bright colors without really caring whether it clashed or was obnoxious- who cared? However, I’ve now moved into an area that you get sweaty just by living so black work out bottoms have proven essential to disguising sweat. I highlighted a pair of gray Athleta leggings in a previous post, and while they fit great, it looked like I had bladder control problems after I was done working out. Seriously. It was so noticeable that I was truly embarrassed leaving the gym- even though I was one of 5. Ha! Needless to say, they are being returned. I still have a pair of marled gray work out capris, they disguise the sweat slightly better. Really, they also need to be retired since they are 5 years old and are starting to have a perma-stink (too much?if you know, you know). However, my current clothing budget doesn’t have room for that purchase so they’re still being worn. Because, I’m more oddly sized on the bottom and I’m very particular about how my leggings fit, I buy higher quality bottoms. Old Navy sports bras, tanks, and shirts (the shirt I purchased is extra long which is great for leggings!) work great for me. I buy small-talls in the tops. I’m smaller chested so their medium support tops are plenty supportive for all workouts. The only pair of workout pants that I’ve bought even somewhat recently are the black Athleta leggings that I’ve highlighted many times. Seriously, they last forever- the other pairs I bought when my son was an infant (and he turns 5 this summer :cue tears:)

Old Navy Tanks (black, camo, and striped), Old Navy Short Sleeve, Old Navy Sports Bras, Nike Shorts (similar), Athleta capris (similar), Athleta black leggings, Athleta striped leggings (old)

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